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Sovereign Grace Fellowship

“a family church rejoicing in the grace of God”

9:25  Announcements and Prayer

(Please enter the sanctuary quietly during prayer time.)

9:40  Believer’s Worship      

Lord’s Supper
Scripture Reading and Message – Mike Foss
            Proverbs 14:1
            Mother’s Day 2018
            Overcoming the Greatest Lies Moms are Told
Closing Song/Hymn  

11:00  Fellowship Time
11:15  Sunday School Time

This Week’s Events:

Nursery:  Sharon Shorey

Please notify the nursery worker, when dropping off your child, if he/she has any food allergies.

Wednesday:  Bible Study and Youth Group Participate in Church Cleaning 6:00 p.m.
Saturday:  Soup Kitchen 4:30 p.m.

Church Cleaning for 5/5:  Steve and Allyson Shorey
Next Week’s Nursery:    Christine Foss


Happy Mother’s Day!  

The Annual Baby Bottle campaign to support the work of the Concord Care Net Pregnancy Center begins today and continues through Father’s Day, June 17th.  Pick up a baby bottle or two to fill with your change or a check! Your loose change can change a life!

Adult Sunday School with Kevin Foss is titled Babylon the Great, Never to be Found Again-Part 2 from Revelation 18:1-24.

No  Fellowship Lunch or VBS Skit practice today.  

Please join us on Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. as the Bible Study and Youth Group help clean the church.  See Steve Shorey to let him know you are coming!

The next Soup Kitchen will be Saturday, May 19th at 4:30 p.m.   Henry Turgeon will be speaking. The sign-up sheet will be on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.  

Mark your calendar!  VBS will be July 9-13!  

We continue to collect protein items (canned tuna, salmon or chicken, peanut butter, hash, hearty meat-based soup, chili) for the Boscawen Food Pantry. Please place items donated in the basket in the hall.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  

Psalm 30:5

Christian! If thou art in a night of trial, think of the morrow; cheer up thy heart with the thought of the coming of thy Lord. Be patient, for

“Lo! He comes with clouds descending.”

Be patient! The Husbandman waits until he reaps his harvest. Be patient; for you know who has said, “Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be.” If you are never so wretched now, remember

“A few more rolling suns, at most,  

Will land thee on fair Canaan’s coast.”

Thy head may be crowned with thorny troubles now, but it shall wear a starry crown ere long; thy hand may be filled with cares–it shall sweep the strings of the harp of heaven soon. Thy garments may be soiled with dust now; they shall be white by-and-by. Wait a little longer. Ah! how despicable our troubles and trials will seem when we look back upon them! Looking at them here in the prospect, they seem immense; but when we get to heaven we shall then

“With transporting joys recount,  

The labours of our feet.”

Our trials will then seem light and momentary afflictions. Let us go on boldly; if the night be never so dark, the morning cometh, which is more than they can say who are shut up in the darkness of hell. Do you know what it is thus to live on the future–to live on expectation–to antedate heaven? Happy believer, to have so sure, so comforting a hope. It may be all dark now, but it will soon be light; it may be all trial now, but it will soon be all happiness. What matters it though “weeping may endure for a night,” when “joy cometh in the morning?”