Sovereign Grace Fellowship
“a family church rejoicing in the grace of God”

July 20, 2014

  • 8:45-9:00 Early Prayer
  • 9:30-11:00 Believer’s Worship and Preaching Time
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Message-Pastor Jimmy Snowden
  • Matthew 2:13-23 - “Protection and Opposition (Part 2)” 
  • Lord’s Supper

Following our Sunday School Classes we enjoy a pot luck lunch meal. You are welcome to join in with us.

  • 11:00-11:15 Fellowship Time

Members of our Leadership Team are available to pray privately with you after the sermon and by the pulpit.

  • 11:15-12:00 Sunday School
  • ~12:15 Fellowship Lunch

Nursery: Connie Denningham and Willie Hoyt

Please notify these Nursery workers, when dropping off your child, if he/she has any food allergies.

  • Wednesday: Bible Study and Prayer 7:00 pm
  • Friday: Youth Group 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: Men’s Breakfast 7:30 am

Church Cleaning: Bill Cunningham

Next Week’s Nursery: Sephanie Martz and Eddie Hoyt


  • Piper Book Reading: Chapters 18-20, pages 138-158.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help take down and put away the tents after lunch TODAY. See Bill Cunningham.
  • SGF will hold a Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, July 26th from 7:30 to about 9:00 am. All men are invited and friends are welcome.
  • Volunteers are needed to clean the church for Sunday, August 3rd. If you can do this, please see Kelly White or sign up.
  • The next Soup Kitchen will be Saturday, August 16th at 4:30 pm. The sign-up sheet for food is on the bulletin board.
  • A Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting will be held Sunday, August 24th during lunch.

A new cleaning schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for the next six months. Please sign up to help out with cleaning.