Sovereign Grace Fellowship
“a family church rejoicing in the grace of God”

8:45-9:00 Early Prayer

9:30-11:00 Believer’s Worship and Preaching Time
Lord’s Supper                                                                                                                                                  Scripture Reading                                                                                                                                               Message-Moe Bergeron                                                                                                                                            Romans 8:1-2                                                                                                                                                                 “Free in Christ”

11:00-11:15  Fellowship Time

11:15-12:00  Sunday School

~12:15  Fellowship Lunch

This Week’s Events:
Nursery: Laura Shorey
Please notify the nursery worker, when dropping off your child, if he/she has any food allergies.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesday:  Bible Study and Youth Group 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Snowblowing:  Steve Shorey                                                                                                                             Church Cleaning for 2/26:  Steve and Allyson Shorey
Next Week’s Nursery:  Karan Bergeron


The church family wishes to extend our heartfelt sympathy in the passing of Elizabeth Ventura, Mike Ventura’s mother and Allyson Shorey’s grandmother to the grieving family.  Please know that our prayers and love continue to be with you.

Please join us for Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm for Bible Study or Youth Group.

The next Soup Kitchen will be Saturday, March 18th at 4:30 pm.   Steve Shorey will be speaking.  The sign-up sheet for food will be on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.

Men’s Breakfast is coming in March!  Watch for this!

Volunteers are needed to clean the church in March and April.  Sign up on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.

“Thus saith the Lord God; I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them.”        

Ezekiel 36:37

Prayer is the forerunner of mercy. Turn to sacred history, and you will find that scarcely ever did a great mercy come to this world unheralded by supplication. You have found this true in your own personal experience. God has given you many an unsolicited favour, but still great prayer has always been the prelude of great mercy with you. When you first found peace through the blood of the cross, you had been praying much, and earnestly interceding with God that he would remove your doubts, and deliver you from your distresses. Your assurance was the result of prayer. When at any time you have had high and rapturous joys, you have been obliged to look upon them as answers to your prayers. When you have had great deliverances out of sore troubles, and mighty helps in great dangers, you have been able to say, “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Prayer is always the preface to blessing. It goes before the blessing as the blessing’s shadow. When the sunlight of God’s mercies rises upon our necessities, it casts the shadow of prayer far down upon the plain. Or, to use another illustration, when God piles up a hill of mercies, he himself shines behind them, and he casts on our spirits the shadow of prayer, so that we may rest certain, if we are much in prayer, our pleadings are the shadows of mercy. Prayer is thus connected with the blessing to show us the value of it. If we had the blessings without asking for them, we should think them common things; but prayer makes our mercies more precious than diamonds. The things we ask for are precious, but we do not realize their preciousness until we have sought for them earnestly.

“Prayer makes the darken’d cloud withdraw;

Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw;

Gives exercise to faith and love;

Brings every blessing from above.”