Get Up! (and pray for discernment)

Beware of False Teachers and their Doctrine
◊ Preaching: Moe Bergeron ◊

A study outline is provided below.



  • Introduction
    • “Get up!” Here, in two words, a sense of urgency is communicated to the recipient of God’s mercy and grace.
      • Other translations communicate the same idea in the following ways:
        • NIV reads; “Get up”
        • KJV reads; “arise”
        • Aramaic Bible reads; “stand”
      • “Get up, arise and stand” are action words that serve as positive commands to the hearer. God has never said, “take your time”.
  • Exposition
    • What comes next are 21+ passages where “get up” is commanded. As we go through them you’ll see that a good number are given as “immediate instruction”. A good many of the “get up” commands are given to those who received healing.
    • In addition, I believe that all of these verses taken together will provide you enough information to help you refute the health, wealth and prosperity gospel that is close to our own church’s doorway.
      • Neither Jesus or the disciples ever held intentionally held a healing service.
      • Neither Jesus or his disciples ever relied upon the attraction of music to get their message out.
      • Neither Jesus nor his disciples ever relied upon the oratory that so marked the greek and pagan world.
      • Neither Jesus nor his disciples placed a heavy emphasis on money to forward their ministries.
      • The power of God’s Holy Spirit does not need you, me or any device to empower His work to save souls and given increase to the church of Christ.
    • Follow these passage and verses closely. Compare them with one another and other passages of God’s word. In other words either validate or disapprove this message with God’s word. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom that is from God himself.
    • Jesus heals the paralytic
      • Matthew 9:1-8
    • Your getting up will have an effect on others.
      • Acts 9:32-35
    • Jesus gives sight to Bartimaeus the blind beggar
      • Mark 10:46-52
    • Jesus heals the man with the shriveled hand
      • Luke 6:6-11
    • Jesus had compassion on a widow and raised her only son to life
      • Luke 7:11-17
    • Jesus healed a man who was disabled for thirty eight years at the Pool of Bethesda
      • John 5:1-9
    • In the name of Jesus Peter and John healed a lame man at the temple gate called Beautiful
      • Acts 3:1-8
    • The bedridden, paralyzed man named Aeneas who was healed
      • Acts 9:32-35
    • The woman Tabitha was raised from the dead
      • Acts 9:38-43
    • Joseph is directed by an angel to flee to Egypt
      • Matthew 2:13-15
    • And Joseph is directed by an angel to leave Egypt
      • Matthew 2:19-21
    • Jesus comforts James, John and Peter
      • Matthew 17:1-8
    • Jesus, knowing his time was short on earth, gives his marching orders to his disciples
      • Matthew 26:41-46
    • Jesus directs Philip to the chariot of the Ethiopian man
      • Acts 8:26-27
    • Jesus gives Saul, soon to be Paul, his first marching orders
      • Acts 9:3-6
    • Jesus instructs Ananias to meet with Paul
      • Acts 9:10-12
    • Paul gives his testimony of God’s will for his life
      • Acts 22:11-16
    • An angel miraculously alters the course of Peter’s life
      • Acts 12:6-8
    • And Jesus directs Peter through dreams
      • Acts 10:13-11:7
    • Jesus inches closer to Calvary. They are going to be tested.
      • John 14:30-31
    • Paul instructs God’s saints to receive the sweetest blessing possible God has in store for them.
      • Ephesians 5:6-14
    • Things to note:
      • When Jesus healed people there was no hoopla.
        • The nonsense of holy laughter was absent.
        • Not one fell backwards.
          • There is one instance in John 18:6 where it is said that the enemies of our Lord went backwards and fell to the ground.
      • When people were healed or raised from the dead they were immediately commanded to “get up” and do something.
        • All who were healed were completely healed.
          • There is one example of a person who was partially healed and then fully healed and it was the purpose to instruct.
            • Mark 8:22-26
          • Many professing Christians seem to only see people moving as trees. Partial healing is not biblical.
      • When God gave his disciples instructions He always expected immediate compliance.
      • In these 20+ “get up” pictures there’s no denying that God communicates a deep sense of urgency. There’s none of this…. wait stuff.