Today Tuesday, 11th August 2020

A Family Church Rejoicing in the Grace of God


We are…

“A family church rejoicing in the grace of God”

Hi! We are pleased you took the time to visit our church website. Hopefully you’ll learn more about our church family and ministries. It’s not easy being in a culture that prefers to be entertained. As a church family we aim to keep things simple and as close as possible to the instructions in the New Testament scriptures.  Stop by if you love our Savior Jesus and you love God’s precious word. Stop by if you want to know about God’s free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.


You can listen to the following recordings from 2020 here online or and you can download them to your device and listen to them at your convenience. 

August 9, 2020Moe BergeronPaul, A Sweet Drink Offering - Philippians 2:17-3:11
August 9, 2020Andrew FountainBaptism: Leaving the Old and Entering the New - Romans 6
August 1, 2020Moe BergeronHaving The Mind Of Christ - Philippians 1:27-2:4
August 1, 2020Andrew FountainGod Uses Messed Up People - Genesis 20
July 26, 2020Moe BergeronLife Finds All Its Meaning in Christ - Philippians 1:12-24
July 26, 2020Kevin FossMan’s Natural Condition from God’s Perspective. - Romans 3:9-20
July 19, 2020Kevin FossDoesn’t Being Born a Jew Count for Anything? Romans 3:1-8
July 19, 2020David PinckneyThe Church on Mission - Matthew 16:13-23
July 15, 2020Kevin FossEven you are not off the hook! - Romans 2:9-29
July 12, 2020Moe BergeronGod began a good work in you! - Philippians 1:1-12
July 6, 2020Kevin FossRomans 2:1-11 - Review Part 3
July 6, 2020Mike FossAsking the Questions, Missing the Answers - John 1:15-28
July 1, 2020Mike FossSetting The Record Straight - John 1:4-15
June 28, 2020Kevin FossReview of Romans One (2)
June 21, 2020Mike FossJohn 1:1-5; Genesis 1:1-5
June 21, 2020Kevin FossReview of Romans One
April 22, 2020Ed MooreUnion With Christ
March 22, 2020Mike FossWho Is Jesus...?
March 22, 2020Kevin FossYou Have No Excuse - Romans 2:1-11
March 14, 2020Moe BergeronEphesians 6 - Paul's Last Words
March 8, 2020Kevin FossRomans 1:18-32 (Part II) - Paul Sets the Table with God's Indictment of All Men
March 8, 2020Moe BergeronWalking in the Spirit - Ephesians 5:6-33
March 1, 2020Mike FossWhen Sin Crept In... So Did the Frustration
March 1, 2020Kevin FossPaul Set The Table with God's Indictment of All Mankind
February 3, 2020Kevin FossClass - Introduction to Romans - Romans 1:1-16
January 26, 2020Mike FossClass - Hey Jude,,, - Jude 1:1-25
January 12, 2020Mike FossClass - Hey, Jude, Give Peace a Chance - Jude 1:1-25
January 12, 2020Moe BergeronMessage - God, Who Is Able - Ephesians 3:14-21
January 5, 2020Mike FossClass - Hey, Jude, Should We Be Afraid - Jude 1:1-25
January 5, 2020Mike FossMessage - New Year, New Revival - Nehemiah 9:38-10:1-39