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“A family church rejoicing in the grace of God”

Hi! We are pleased you took the time to visit our church website. Hopefully you’ll learn more about our church family and ministries. It’s not easy being in a culture that prefers to be entertained. As a church family we aim to keep things simple and as close as possible to the instructions in the New Testament scriptures.  Stop by if you love our Savior Jesus and you love God’s precious word. Stop by if you want to know about God’s free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Online Group Bible Study

Free! Join us every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM as we get together online to study God’s word and pray together. Everyone is welcome to join in. This week we are continuing our study in 1st Samuel. Here is the link to join with us…

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Sample Workshop

Workshop 39 – 1 Samuel 22:9-23

  • Main Points from workshop 38
    • 22:1-2 – David’s Rag Tag Army
    • 22:3-4 – David’s Care for His Family
    • 22:5 – The Prophet Gad
    • 22:6-8 – Saul Feeling Threatened & Isolated
    • 22:9-10 – Doeg takes the Moment
      • Psalms 52:1 For the music director. A maskil of David. When Doeg the Edomite came and informed Saul. And he said to him, “David has come to the house of Ahimelech.”Why do you boast about evil, O mighty man? The loyal love of God endures continually
  • 1 Samuel 22:9-23

  • Discovery Part One – 22:9-10 – Doeg the Dog

  • But Doeg the Edomite, who was standing with Saul’s officials, said, “I saw the son of Jesse come to Ahimelek son of Ahitub at Nob. [10] Ahimelek inquired of the LORD for him; he also gave him provisions and the sword of Goliath the Philistine.” 
  • Questions & Observations
    • Up to this point did Doeg speak the truth?
    • ..
  • Discovery Part Two – 22:11-13 – Saul the false accuser

  • [11] Then the king sent for the priest Ahimelek son of Ahitub and all the men of his family, who were the priests at Nob, and they all came to the king [12] Saul said, “Listen now, son of Ahitub.” “Yes, my lord,” he answered. [13] Saul said to him, “Why have you conspired against me, you and the son of Jesse, giving him bread and a sword and inquiring of God for him, so that he has rebelled against me and liesin wait for me, as he does today?” 
  • Questions & Observations
    • Why do you think God permits good men and women to suffer unjustly by evil persons, even to the point of death?
      Exodus 23:7 NIV
    • ..
    • Was Saul paranoid?
      1 Samuel 19:9 NIV
    • ..
  • Discovery Part Three – 22:14-15 – Ahimlelek the righteous servant

  • [14] Ahimelek answered the king, “Who of all your servants is as loyal as David, the king’s son-in-law, captain of your bodyguard and highly respected in your household? [15] Was that day the first time I inquired of God for him? Of course not! Let not the king accuse your servant or any of his father’s family, for your servant knows nothing at all about this whole affair.”
  • Questions & Observations
    • How loyal are Christians to be to those who serve as their kings and presidents? 
    • ..
    • Hypothetical: What if Ahimelech believed David was leading a rebellion against Saul should he still have sought the Lord and provided provision for him?
      Luke 6:27-36
    • ..
    • Was Ahimelek’s defense weak or powerful?
      Matthew 5:43-48 NIV
    • Would you tell Saul the truth or would you lie to save your skin? 
      Exodus 20:16 NIV
  • Discovery Part Four – 22:16-18a – The innocent declared guilty

  • [16] But the king said, “You will surely die, Ahimelek, you and your whole family.” [17] Then the king ordered the guards at his side: “Turn and kill the priests of the LORD, because they too have sided with David. They knew he was fleeing, yet they did not tell me.” But the king’s officials were unwilling to raise a hand to strike the priests of the LORD. [18a] The king then ordered Doeg, “You turn and strike down the priests.”
  • Questions & Observations
    • Why didn’t Saul’s servants follow Saul’s orders?
      Psalm 94:20-21 NIV
      Matthew 27:3-4 NIV
    • Should David have stood his ground rather than flee from Saul?
      Matthew 10:23 NIV
      Mark 13:9-12 NIV
      Acts 9:23-25 NIV
    • What does Jesus teach about anger?
      Matthew 5:22-24 NIV
  • Discovery Part Five – 22:18b-19 – The wrath of the wicked

  • [18b] So Doeg the Edomite turned and struck them down. That day he killed eighty-five men who wore the linen ephod. [19] He also put to the sword Nob, the town of the priests, with its men and women, its children and infants, and its cattle, donkeys and sheep.
  • Questions & Observations
    • Why do you think Doeg is so eager to gain Saul’s favor?
    • ..
    • Does the killing of everyone and everything that has breath remind you of an earlier event in Saul’s fall?
      1 Samuel 15:13-19 NIV
    • ..
    • If you were a member of Ahitub’s family who lived in Nob when Doeg struck down your loved ones would you be angry with God because your family was annihilated?
      Psalm 37:7-15 NIV..
  • Discovery Part Six – 2:20-23 – David the protector of the innocent

  • [20] But one son of Ahimelek son of Ahitub, named Abiathar, escaped and fled to join David. [21] He told David that Saul had killed the priests of the LORD. [22] Then David said to Abiathar, “That day, when Doeg the Edomite was there, I knew he would be sure to tell Saul. I am responsible for the death of your whole family. [23] Stay with me; don’t be afraid. The man who wants to kill you is trying to kill me too. You will be safe with me.”
  • Questions & Observations
    • Was David in fact responsible for the deaths of all those priests and their wives and children? 
      Psalm 32:1-7 NIV
    • Look for at least two reasons he thought himself to be responsible.
      1 Samuel 21:2-7
    • ..
    • Were David’s actions held against him?
      Romans 4:7-8 NIV
      “Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. [8] Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them.”
    • ..
    • When did Abiathar join David as a priest?
      1 Samuel 23:6 NIV
      Now Abiathar son of Ahimelek had brought the ephod down with him when he fled to David at Keilah.
    • ..



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