Today Friday, 27th November 2020

A Family Church Rejoicing in the Grace of God


We are…

“A family church rejoicing in the grace of God”

Hi! We are pleased you took the time to visit our church website. Hopefully you’ll learn more about our church family and ministries. It’s not easy being in a culture that prefers to be entertained. As a church family we aim to keep things simple and as close as possible to the instructions in the New Testament scriptures.  Stop by if you love our Savior Jesus and you love God’s precious word. Stop by if you want to know about God’s free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.


You can listen to the following recordings from 2020 here online or and you can download them to your device and listen to them at your convenience. 

November 23, 2020Moe BergeronThanksgiving, Celebrating Jesus - Genesis 3:1-21
November 23, 2020Kevin FossThe Battle that Rages Within - Romans 7:13-25
November 15, 2020Mike FossIt All Seems Impossible - Esther (Daniel 2:21; Proverbs 16:33)
November 15, 2020Kevin FossThe Law is Not Our Enemy - Romans 7:7-13
November 8, 2020Moe BergeronThe Gospel and Prayer - Acts 16
November 8, 2020Kevin FossYou Belong to Another - Romans 7:1-6.
November 2, 2020Moe BergeronPhilemon -1:1-25
November 2, 2020Kevin FossYou Now Have Been Set Free to Obey - Romans 6:15-23
October 25, 2020Moe BergeronPeople Take Refuge In The Shadow Of Your Wings - Psalm 36:5-10
October 25, 2020Kevin FossWe Really Are Alive In Christ - Romans 6:5-14
October 18, 2020Moe BergeronThe Privilege of God's Children - Psalm 9:1-2
October 18, 2020Kevin FossWho Is Sitting On The Throne? Romans 5:20-6:4
October 11, 2020Kevin FossWhy Am I Found Guilty For Adam’s Sin? - Romans 5:12-21.
October 11, 2020Moe BergeronLORD and King, How Great You Are! 2 Samuel 7
October 4, 2020Moe BergeronWe Have a Friend in Jesus - 1 John 2:1
September 28, 2020Mike FossThe Lion and the Lamb - John 2:12-25
September 28, 2020Kevin FossGod's Love on Full Display - Romans 5:6-11
September 21, 2020Moe Bergeron“Jesus Saw Her” - Luke 13:10-17
September 21, 2020Kevin Foss"The Benefits & Blessings of Our Justification” Part 2 - Romans 5:1-11
September 13, 2020Mike Foss"Out With the Old, In With the New” John 2:1-11
September 13, 2020Kevin Foss"The Benefits & Blessings of Our Justification, Part 1" Romans 5:1-5
September 7, 2020Mike FossHe's Seeing a Stairway to Heaven - John 1:35-51
September 7, 2020Kevin FossThe Promise of God is received by Faith - Romans 4:13-25
August 31, 2020Mike Foss"And...Jesus Speaks” - John 1:35-42
August 31, 2020Kevin FossThe Promise of God is Received by Faith - Romans 4:13-25
August 25, 2020Mike FossThe Assignment is Clear - John 1:29-37, Isaiah 53:7
August 25, 2020Kevin FossAbraham was Justified by Faith just as We are - Romans 4:1-12
August 19, 2020Kevin FossHow Then Shall We Be Saved? Rm 3:21-31
August 16, 2020Moe BergeronMy Dearly Beloved - Philippians 3:12-4:23
August 9, 2020Moe BergeronPaul, A Sweet Drink Offering - Philippians 2:17-3:11