On behalf of the congregation of the Sovereign Grace Fellowship, we welcome you to our web pages. We are delighted to share with you some information about us and hope that you find it helpful.


SGF exists for the glory of God. We believe that we are made expressly to be in a relationship with Him and to recognize Jesus of Nazareth as our Lord and Savior. We strive to bring God glory through singing and praying together, hearing His Word preached, loving Him as we love one another.

We are a community of believers in a needy environment. Our setting has its challenges and its opportunities. We cannot be sure what life in the future will bring for us as a gathered people anymore than we know what tomorrow will bring for us as individuals. We do know that we share in a heavenly hope. We are delighted at the spiritual health God has cultivated here at SGF and thankful that He continues to bring committed and new believers into our fold. It is a blessing to serve God in the mission field of central New Hampshire with these brothers and sisters of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations.

As a part of our mission, we would love to be of help to you. For that matter, we would love for you to be of help to us, as we serve God with a Christ-centered focus. Whether it is Sovereign Grace Fellowship (SGF), or some place else God has appointed for you, we pray that He would show you where to commit yourself to His people in His service.


Our church family takes seriously our ministry to families by supplementing the parent’s ministry in the home. Check out our weekly church bulletin so see what ministry is currently available for you and your children. [Weekly Bulletin]


We presently partner with the following missionaries:

Gary and Karen Shogren – Costa Rica


Here at SGF the members of our Leadership Team each fill a specific yet complementary role.

– The Pastoral staff members, made up of our elders who serve to shepherd the congregation through the Word of God. All aspects of the teaching ministry of SGF fall under the oversight of our pastors. All of our pastors at SGF are accountable to God’s word and one another.  All elders are pastors.

– Our Deacons serve under the oversight of our elders. They enjoy the role of administering and overseeing our ministries of mercy, church finances, facilities, and much more.

– In addition to the above there is an appointed treasurer and recording secretary.

Taken together SGF’s leadership provides an administrative backbone for the body of believers covenanted together at SGF.

Whether making church bulletins, counseling members, or planning children’s ministry curriculum, our entire staff enhances the collective ministry of SGF.

– It should be understood that SGF could not function as a viable ministry for the glory of God without the services of our entire assembly. We are thankful for each and every one of our Spirit filled servants.

Once again, thank you for dropping by! Perhaps one day we will in the near future meet you in person. Feel free to contact us directly.

Sovereign Grace Fellowship
235 High Street
Boscawen, NH 03303

Tel: 603 796-2607